What are the next steps after we form our union?


Nurses fill out surveys to determine our priorities for our contract negotiations.


We elect a representative “negotiating committee” of nurses from across the hospital and all shifts to represent us in contract bargaining, along with specialized union staff.


We request vital information from the administration, including hospital finances, to inform our proposals. 


​We sit down together with upper management and negotiate over staffing, benefits, compensation, scheduling, continuing education and all other work issues that matter to us. We encourage all nurses to join us as observers. 


When the negotiating committee believes we have achieved a fair contract, all nurse members vote on whether to approve the contract before it can take effect. 


Once approved, nurses are trained to implement and enforce the standards in the  contract. To help with that process, we elect RN colleagues called “stewards” who are trained to solve problems on the job and file official grievances when necessary.